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You are looking at a high-quality copy of the large head Totenkopf Ring. Date 9.11.41 Honor ring with full “hand” engraved internal inscription Walter 9.11.41 H Himmler signature. ( Seinen lieben -Dear or Our loved.)

This is by far the best reproduction Totenkopf ring I have ever seen.

The Ring is made of Sterling Silver 

Sizes :

8 (18.2 mm)
9 ( 19.0 mm)
10 (19.9 mm)
10.5 ( 20.2 mm)
11 ( 20.6 mm )
11.5 (21.0 mm)
12 ( 21.4 mm)
12.5 (21.8 mm)
13 (22.2 mm) 


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(1899 - 19 )
Born: 20. Oct. 1899.
NSDAP-Nr.: 48 433
SS-Nr.: 276 699
SS-Standartenführer: 20. Apr. 1938
Attached to Staff, SS-Oberabschnitt "Spree": (9. Nov. 1944)
Decorations & Awards:
Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern
Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen
Ehrendegen des RF SS
Totenkopfring der SS

History of the Totenkopf Ring 

Totenkopf rings were awarded between 1933 and 1945 approximately 15,000 rings were made and had been presented to qualifying SS members.  When a German left the SS or died they were required to return the ring to the Reichfuhrer-SS. The unauthorized acquisition of duplicate ring was forbidden and punishable by law. Over 70 years after the collapse of the Third Reich, less than 1% of the rings have surfaced.

The exclusive manufacturers of the Totenkopf ring was the firm Otto and Karolina Gahr Family Jewelry from Munich.

The Rings were made of 900 Silver or  90% Silver - "Feinsilber"

Here are some of the Important dates for the ring that have significance.

December 24, 1933 - Christmas Eve Celebration.

June 6, 1936 – Night of the Long Knives. The ideological birthday of the SS, the day it broke free from the SA control.

March 7, 1936 – Rhineland Occupation. The Waffen-SS is born when it executes its first combat mission, spearheading the invasion of the Rhineland.

April 20, 1936 – Hitler’s Birthday. Recognition by Himmler that his power derives entirely from Hitler. Also relevant to Himmler as an anniversary of his achieving total police power.

June 21 and December 21, 1939 – Summer and Winter Solstice.These dates are undoubtedly SS. They represent Himmler’s fascination with pagan mysticism, which by 1939 was in full swing.

November 9, 1940 – Anniversary of the Munich Putsch. This date also commemorates Krystalnacht, which represented to Himmler the birth of his newest mission – the annihilation of the Jews.

Though documentation pertaining to ring production figures was not fully completed it is believed that the list of the numbers of rings conferred between 1936 – 1944 are as follows based on year and then the number of rings produced that year.

1936 - 1137

1937 - 1873

1938 - 1837

1939 - 1257

1940 - 1471

1941 - 1184

1942 - 2240

1943 - 1798


TOTENKOPF ( DEATH'S HEAD) The smiling skull and crossed bones were used throughout German history as a symbol to strike fear in the eyes of their enemies by the military. When translated the true meaning is " ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE RIGHT TO THE DEATH".

TRIANGLE AND SIGRUNE- The sigrune was a German symbol for victory. The triangle or Triag points upwards and was the symbol for life. The three represents the cycle of life (The Beginning of life, the future of one's life, and the ending of one's life.) A sigrune is a Nordic sign for Victory which was used in ancient Germany as a greeting. It is the origination of the Adolf Hitler salute better known as the Hail Victory or SIEG HEIL salute.

HAGAL RUNE- The Hagal Rune is an asterisk inside a six sided hexagon. The asterisk has six lines shooting from the center in all directions. The Hagal Rune is an expression of ones inner strength to overcome all problems and adversity. It was also used to instill an inner strength in the German people so that they would be fearless; enabling them to conquer the world. Also, the Hagal Rune could be used to form any of the eighteen symbols of the Nordic Runic Alphabet.

SWASTIKA- The Swastika or "Fryfros"  is an ancient symbol of eternal life and good luck. Also, it symbolizes the GIBOR RUNE - This means: GIB - give and OR- descendant. It was used as a sign of prosperity and the survival and future of the whole German race. The Swastika's true meaning represents the German people being one with "God and enternity".

CIRCLE - DUAL SIGRUNES AND TYRUNE - The dual sigrunes was the symbol of the SS-Schutzstaffel.  The many symbols within the circle had a meaning for one to be "FEARLESS, TRUE, BRAVE, that DEATH CANNOT KILL. " TYR was the " God of War "and OL the sword was the spirit. Both are represented in the circle TYROS and come from Runic Alphabet.

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