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This Reproduction Panzerfaust Bazooka for sale is a 60mm version. The warhead is made of wood and nicely factory painted ready to mount on the tube. Sorry there are no fins on the head. The metal firing tube is complete with the warning lettering as outlined below. See the following for information about Panzerfausts. The Panzerfaust is a hand-held, single-shot, shape-charged anti-tank weapon. They were easily manufactured and designed to be one-use, throw away weapons to be used with little field training.

The Panzerfaust 60 m, was to become the most popular and widely - used Panzerfaust type. The weapon had the same length as its forerunner but now weighed 6.1 kg (13.4 lb.). It replaced the Panzerfaust 30 m, production starting in September 1944.When used properly the Panzerfaust was a very deadly anti-tank weapon for which the American tanks in Normandy were ill prepared to meet. Description: The Panzerfaust consisted of a warhead attached to a long tube with a factory-sealed cardboard cap in the rear of the tube. This cap was to protect against dirt and was kept in place even when firing the weapon.

Simple instructions were often printed right on the warhead. The metal firing tube is complete with warning in large red lettering printed on the upper rear end of the tube "Achtung! Feuerstrahl! (which means, Beware! Fire Jet!). This was to warn soldiers to avoid the backblast. Use of the Panzerfaust 60 was as follows: After detachment of the warhead the detonation charge and firing percussion cap were inserted: the Panzerfaust was percussion-ignited like a rifle round. Then the warhead was again mounted to its shaft. After the sighting lever was locked in the "up" - position the gunner could remove the safety plug at the warhead and the weapon was ready to fire; the raised lever then served as the rear sight.

ITEMS IS SHIPPED IN TWO BOXES. The pipe and the head are shipped separately. 


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