1. D-Day Anniversary Pictures

    I just wanted to post some of my photo's from the 70th Anniversary of D-Day which I spent in Vierville sur mer, Normandy France, Omaha Beach. There were so many people there and the traffic was atrocious. Of course we "regular" people couldn't get anywhere near a dignitary but there were a lot of veterans there some of which we...
  2. More D-Day Photo's

    Wanted to send you all some more of our D-Day 70th anniversary photo's. Enjoy!
  3. 70th Anniversary of D-Day

    Was very lucky to be among the many who were able to celebrate and commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Normandy Beach invasions.  The crowds were intense, yet we were still able to see and meet a number of veterans who made it to the celebration. There were more celebrations and functions happening than any one person could possibly...

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