I just wanted to post some of my photo's from the 70th Anniversary of D-Day which I spent in Vierville sur mer, Normandy France, Omaha Beach.

There were so many people there and the traffic was atrocious. Of course we "regular" people couldn't get anywhere near a dignitary but there were a lot of veterans there some of which we were lucky enough to meet and we attended several ceremonies. The early morning of D-Day was extremely moving and we witnesses a human chain along the beach.

It was a fabulous time, and there were so many things to do and see that we couldn't possibly be everywhere. The highlight of the had to be the fabulous, simultaneous fireworks on the eve of D-Day from all the beaches, along with several parachute drops and many military shows. The military shows were of course fabulous from our prospective and we manage be in the Vierville sur mer one, the one in Grand camp Maisy and the show in Sainte-Mère-Église. Unfortunately we missed out on the Sainte -Marie- Du-Mont show and the one in Picauville.

Great showings for all.