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Have you ever heard a carpenter say that “you’re only as good as your tools” or that “I can’t work with faulty tools”? This applies to all. For those involved in survival, reenacting or in outdoor life in general unreliable gear can be worse than useless.

A multi-tool that breaks, for example, or an inadequately sealed water container could result in terrible consequences.

Developing a well-stocked good quality kit is important for outdoor living and for living off the land. Most survivalists and hikers, backpackers and others already know these common sense rules.  For example, medical supplies including assorted bandages, gauze, clean latex gloves, antibacterial measures and so on. Additionally, adequate amounts of healthy food (cold-pressed protein bars, nutrient-rich packaged meals, etc.) plus water, sturdy hiking boots are the basics to survivalists and outdoors enthusiast.

Clothing for the purposes of wilderness and survival situations should be up to the demands placed on it. -External layering and waterproofing can provide protection from the elements, increase your durability and the ability to protect yourself.

Army surplus clothing can be a useful addition to any survivalist’s wardrobe. Why? Well, there are a few reasons why it can be useful.

1.  Gear and clothing made for the armed forces tends to be of a high standard, because of the demands and strains that may be placed upon it. Due to this the specs for their production is high and they are carefully tested during the production process.

2.  Jackets and garments for the lower body often have numerous pockets on them for the efficient stowing of large numbers of items and for  weight distribution and keeping important gear near hand.

3.  Materials used in army clothing are particularly tough and resistant to abrasions, scrapes and other physical challenges and have better stitching making them ideal for harsh environments.

4.  Surplus items normally having some camouflage can be important also. This can be helpful in the woodlands for hunting or when moving with a degree of stealth is required.

5.  There’s often plenty of it available and clothing from the military is usually inexpensive-often a far better value than most larger brands.

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