Ever wonder how you gained so much weight?  Or lost weight?

Could be where your are shopping.  Seems that the standard sizes for men's pants is all over the map!  You think you are a size 36 and that's what you normally buy but  where do you normally shop?   They're sizing could be wrong.  Why?  Possibly to make you feel better and to buy from them!

Check out this chart below for the actual waist measurement for a 36" pant at some common stores.  You will see that a 36" sized pant at H&M is actually 37" but that a 36" pair of pants at Old Navy is 41".  Now that's a big difference.

Waist Lines Chart from Common Stores

Best way when purchasing is to take actual measurements of yourself so you know what size you really are.  Want to know the correct way to measure, check out our blog on HOW TO MEASURE YOURSELF.


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